Sansa’s Hairstyle On Season Premiere of Game of Thrones Is Hella Important To The Plot

When watching Game of Thrones, it’s important that you are always paying attention to every minute of the episode. Why is that? Because, the minute you miss something, you could have missed a huge clue, hint or word that will tell you a lot more than in most other shows. That is why the writers of Game of Thrones – both the books and the series – are geniuses. They jam pack details and important visuals into every second you are involved in the book and/or episode – it’s also why we’re so obsessed.

On the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, a lot went down. Between Daenerys finally reaching Dragonstone, Cersei being a cold b*tch to her brother, Jon and Sansa having a sibling argument and, well, Samwell paying tribute to Harry Potter – the episode seemed as though it was setting the tone for what is to be a very epic season.

During the episode, we saw Jon Snow and Sansa Stark arguing over how they are going to rule the North and fight the White Walkers – while also paying attention that Cersei Lannister – who currently sits on the Iron Throne (ugh, please someone kill her off already) hates their family.

The two get into a little quarrel about what they are going to do next – when Sansa reminds John –

You’re the military man but I know her. If you’re her enemy, she’ll never stop until she’s destroyed you. Everyone who’s ever crossed her she’s found a way to murder.”

John responds to his sister –

“You almost sound as if you admire her.”

To which Sansa responds –

“I learned a great deal from her.”

But – why is this important at all, my little Throners?

Look at Sansa’s hair in this scene.

Look familiar?

It’s Cersei’s signature look cerca BEFORE she got the shame shave.

Hello – foreshadowing much?

While some people are going to say – no way does it mean anything – if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you know everything means something. Does this mean that Sansa is going to overpower her brother to take down her own enemies – like Cersei is to her own brother (and baby daddy).

Or, is Sansa going to kill Cersei possibly? (This I will pay to see).

Or, is Sansa going to sleep with her brother, too? (Ugh, no, I’m sick of seeing siblings boning).

We’re unsure what it means – but, we do know it means something big. Brace yourselves, Throners – Winter is here and the ladies are just warming up.