Ed Sheeran Literally Deleted His Twitter After Fans Hated His Game of Thrones Cameo

I’m not going to lie – I’m not a huge Ed Sheeran fan. Before his latest album, Divide, I wasn’t into his music. But, he’s definitely stepped up his game – and I’m not talking about “Shape of You.” I gave the entire album a good run-through and some of his songs have shown a pretty steady increase in potential and talent. Way to go, Ed.

With that being said – there’s a fine line between music and acting – as we’ve often seen no many times that singers try to cross over into acting and vise versa (does anyone remember Paris Hilton’s one hit wonder?)

Anyway – Ed Sheeran had a little cameo on the Season 7 Premiere of Game of Thrones and lets just say – GoT fans were not about it. Come on – do you think that most GoT fans are sitting around listening to “Photograph?” No. Plus, it turns the TV show that we have grown to know and love into a commercialized, main-stream media bust. I’m not about it, and neither was Twitter.

Since everyone and their mothers took to social media to bash Ed Sheeran and his cameo – he actually deleted his Twitter account altogether. I mean, can you blame him? Think about how many notifications he was getting – threatening him or wishing him dead. Hey, I may not like the guy, but I don’t wish ill upon him.

That’s called cyber bullying, y’all. Even though he’s a celeb, it isn’t right to attack him like that. But, I guess when you have albums that go platinum, it’s time to get a thicker set of skin. Keep doing you Ed, laugh while rolling around in your millions and all the haters are stuck cleaning up your trash.