Aaron Carter Arrested For DUI & Drug Possession So Naturally, Our Childhood Is Ruined

It seems to be a trend that child stars in the spotlight go on a slight downward spiral as they get older. Case in point – Amanda Bynes. But, recently, it wasn’t those Disney Channel stars we know and love who went down the wrong path. Instead – it was none other than our “I Want Candy” heartthrob, Aaron Carter.

He’s no longer singing about girls named Candy – and, instead, has got himself slapped with a criminal record.

According to several news outlets, Aaron Carter was arrested in Georgia on Saturday night – being charged with a DUI, possession of marijuana and other drug-related things. Carter also failed a breathalyzer test. His girlfriend, Madison Parker, was also in the car and arrested alongside Carter.

What is it about these celebrities that make them feel as though they are invincible? While I can let a lot of things slide – driving under the influence is one that is outright stupid and selfish – you never know who you will hurt.

And, while we know this is a serious offense – Twitter went lit with some comments that do make us giggle.