This Girl Is Getting Dragged For Lying About Donating Her Hair To Cancer Patients

Whenever someone does something good for society, you would expect the rest of the world to feel good about it – give them a nice pat on the back for doing their part. But, when someone lies about doing something good for society – you can expect that everyone is going to swarm on them like white on rice.

Take YouTube star Lele Pons. This female comedian has over 4 million subscribers and usually makes the Internet laugh by posting funny, sketch videos online. But, recently, the Internet hasn’t been laughing at her too much – because she’s stirred up some anger after she posted a photo on her Instagram about “donating” her hair to cancer patients.

While it seems like a nice gesture towards children who have lost their hair to such a horrible disease – it turns out, if you zoom in on the photo, Lele’s friend is holding up fake hair extensions. What a d*ck.

It’s one thing to lie about small things, it’s another to lie about something charitable like this – especially when you have millions of followers. Twitter, of course, did not react too nicely.

Here was her response, after receiving a sh*t-ton of backlash on social media.

But, again, I’m not sure where the confusion is with this one – because, those are clearly extensions.