This Mom Thinks It’s Totally Okay To Have Sex While Breastfeeding Her Child

For years, there has been controversy over mothers and the way they raise their children. The minute you post something online, a swarm of angry, stay-at-home moms will bombard you like a hoard of bees, telling you exactly how to parent. When it comes to breastfeeding and how you decide to feed, nurture and expose your child to the world, well, everyone is a f*cking critic.

One YouTube star from San-Diego, California Tasha has gotten her fair share of backlash online for the way she chooses to raise her son. For example, she’s pretty natural in everything she does – from breastfeeding to homeopathic treatments and remedies.

But, her biggest backlash has definitely been from the video in which she admits she has sex with her husband while breastfeeding her son.

Tasha basically sees sex as natural as breastfeeding and thinks that it’s something “God wants us all to do.” But, people in the comment section on YouTube definitely disagree – calling her some pretty harsh names and having some wicked strong opinions.

Some people, however, agreed with Tasha that society makes sex too much of a taboo topic and makes it impossible to discuss. Other mothers admitted that they too had sex with their husbands while breastfeeding because their children were “attached” at the hip to them.

What do you think – okay, or totally weird?