Am I Really Too Much to Handle Or Are You Just A P*ssy?

Why Men Should Face Their Fears and Go For the Girl Before It’s Too Late

As I sit here typing restlessly at midnight, listening to Childish Gambino while drinking the red wine I swore I wouldn’t drink, I started to reflect on my nightmarish dating life. The paranoia begins…

“What’s wrong with me? Should I be more forward? Should I ignore his text for 3 days?

Who the f*ck knows.

Now I was raised to never depend on a man, but truth be told there is something real nice about having someone to share your life with. With that being said, I know myself and am aware that this soulmate of mine isn’t going to be the easiest to come across.

You see, I am a complex person. I lead a busy life. I am a true New Yorker. I travel often. I work hard. I play harder. I’m a “Yes” person and will try almost anything once. I’m not afraid to be spontaneous, and I am DEFINITELY not afraid to share my inner thoughts. Unfortunately, this sort of strong sense of self doesn’t go over so well with the male generation.

So, my question is –

What exactly are men these days so scared of?

Am I supposed to hide my real inner being in order to find a mate?

I know for a fact these guys find me attractive (they sure show their love for my body and my “beautiful smile” without hesitation) but when my personality comes into play, I always end up intimidating them. I find my intimidating nature to be both a blessing and a curse. I am proud to be a mature, intelligent, confident woman who stands her ground and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

But are there ANY men out there capable of sweeping me off my feet?

I like to call this generation of men The “P*ssy” Generation.

Offended? Too damn bad.

I have endless amounts of proof to backup my statement. Sadly, I am not the only victim out there either. My friends have also encountered their fair share of men scared of their own shadows. Some of these halfwits couldn’t handle the fact that my friends and I are ambitious and business-oriented, some were alarmed that we weren’t afraid to show off the rocking bodies we worked so hard for (we are only in our twenties for a limited time after all) and some even needed to be re-assured in the bedroom, making sure the women they were sleeping with were enjoying themselves… BIG NO NO!

Although I do believe majority of men around my age, between 26-34, are worried about revealing their true emotions towards their person of interest, I do have hope that somewhere out there in this wide, wild world the man of my dreams is waiting for me to arrive. Until then, I have an important message for the rest of these cowards.

We live in the age of social media and turmoil. Nothing is good enough and consequences for poor actions are few and far between. When you find someone who has the same interests as you, who you are attracted to, who you can see yourself laughing and spending your longest days with, MAKE THE MOVE. Do not play hard to get, don’t get frightened by the possibility of rejection and ASK HER OUT! See where the night takes you… and definitely don’t wait too long to kiss her.

Most women like a traditionally forward man to reassure her that, yes, you ARE in fact interested in them. Luckily for you boys, many women these days are brutally honest. Time is of the essence, and no one with a vagina and biological clock rapidly ticking wants to waste their precious hours on some guy who can’t figure out if they want to date an awesome down-to-Earth chick, or scroll through their social media timelines all day liking pictures of random curvy “Instafamous models” while drinking beers with their bros.

And if you’d rather not date her anymore? Don’t fool her into thinking that you are interested out of sheer guilt. TELL. HER. THE. TRUTH. Can’t get over your ex? Want to be a bachelor for the rest of your life? Trust me when I say females can accept your life choices. Don’t “ghost” her. Don’t tell her your life story and then disappear off the face of the Earth.

There are a billion fish in the sea… you are just a guppy in the ocean at this point.