Kim Kardashian Is Getting Dragged For “Wearing Blackface” In Photoshoot


It seems as though when you’re a celebrity, you’re always open to immense scrutiny in the spotlight. You literally cannot do one little thing wrong because if you do, the entire world will pounce on you faster than a cheetah in the wild – especially when the majority of people dislike you. Take Kim Kardashian for example. Although her family is one of the most followed in America, people dislike them immensely.

This week, Kim Kardashian got dragged across Twitter after she posted a photo in which she appeared to be sporting “blackface.” For those who do not know, blackface is incredibly offensive to black individuals, as it was used in the times of slavery in minstrel shows – shows that poked fun at and offended black people and slaves simultaneously.

The tweet was promoting a new makeup line that the starlet is to launch later this month. However, her contouring kit post backfired, as numerous people across Twitter were highly offended at the idea she would try to appear darker than her natural skin tone.

The responses were of high offense.