Women Are Buying This “Hairy Chest Swimsuit” & I’m Confused AF


This summer seems to be the summer of insane fashion trends. It’s basically like a group of people got together, smoked a bunch of pot and tried to think of ways to embarrass the entire human race. For example – RompHim’s, rompers for men. Or, the sexy and breezy matching lace shorts and shirt combo for men.

Interesting to say the least.

Now, women never want to be forgotten when it comes to viral trends online – or when it comes to anything, for that matter. Recently, a new bathing suit has gone viral across the web just for women – so here you go, ladies, you have not been left out.

Introducing: the hairy chest bathing suit.

Be the sexiest chic at the pool party for $44 rocking this fake hairy chest – and, I’m sure you’ll get a sh*t ton of attention. The company, Beloved Shirts, offers the suit in a range of sizes, too – from XS to XXL. And, you can get them in numerous “skin tones.”

Not going to lie, if I saw a girl roll up to a pool party in this, I’d want to be her friend immediately because that takes some balls to wear – haha, punny.

Besides this hilarious product, the company actually makes some DOPE clothing – like these, which are featured on their Instagram and available on their website.

You can check out their website and social media for new and upcoming products.

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