The GOP Used A Meme To Respond To The Comey Hearing & It Backfired


It’s 2017 – the only way that anyone communicates anymore is through memes, plain and simple. Everyone uses memes now, not just us young people on the Internet, but now, the government, your grandmother and every one of our professors in college.

Did you hear me? I said the government. That’s right – the government is trying to be super cool and young again and dipping their toes in the dank meme culture’s water.

(Can’t we just have this one thing, guys?)

On Thursday, James Comey – former FBI director – is going to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee after he had been fired as FBI director by President Trump. Now, he’s forced to testify about his interactions with the president – as people are investigating what has happened and transpired over the last several months. *coughcough, rigged election, coughcough*

In preparation for the testimony, the committee apparently released Comey’s opening statement – why? Because the American government thinks this is Game of Thrones and we need spoilers to keep us entertained.

Instead of acting like, oh I don’t know, a professional organization – the GOP tried to be cool and tweet out a meme to poke fun at Comey’s opening statement.

What. Are. You. Doing.

We, America, are the laughing stock of the entire world.

People are just – over it.

But, the best one of all goes to –

Do better, America.

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