4 Reasons Why Moms Make The Best Friends

Just in Time for Mother’s Day.

Today I wake up and it is not only a Sunday, or a day to go to brunch with the family, but it is a day when I officially get to express to my mother how much I love and appreciate her. For this reason, and many more, I wanted to take the time to talk about the reasons why moms are truly the best friend a child can have.

1. She always makes you laugh.

Whenever I am feeling down or upset about something, my mom finds a way to turn it into a joke, and then the tears turn to giggles. She is the funniest person I know and never fails to make me smile.

2. She always, always has your back.

No matter what the goal I am trying to conquer is, I know that my mom is right on the sidelines with pom-poms cheering for me. When I succeed, she is there to celebrate with me, and even when I fail, she is still proud of me for trying my best. She provides the unconditional support that everyone looks for in a best friend.

3. She makes us proud everyday. 

One of the best parts about having a best friend is that you are a team, and that you can vicariously live through them when they are living out their dreams. Mom’s are superheroes, and deserve all the recognition that they receive, and I am proud to brag to all my other friends about how awesome my Mom is.

4. She sticks with us through all the good and bad.

Whether I am having a bad day, angry day, etc, she will always be willing to grab a pint of ice cream and watch movies with me until I feel better. She understands what I need even more than I do, and is always willing to make me feel better.

Thank you Mom for all that you do. No one else I would rather have as my best friend all these years.