This Cute Little Girl Can Do Just About Everything Better Than You

I’ll just, you know, hide in the corner.

When we’re young, our parents teach us valuable lessons and “how to’s” in order for us to become independent adults. While some of us still can’t call the doctor to make appointments by ourselves, there are others who pick up on things rather quickly.

Like, the “Little How To Girl.”

This adorable toddler has her very own YouTube channel where her parents film her teaching the world how to do stuff – but, not your usual “how to bake cookies.”

Nope, this little one is teaching the world how to fix a leaky faucet:

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She’s also teaching us how to change a car’s ignition coil:

How to change a lawn mower battery:

And, how to do an oil change:

So, while you’re busy begging your mom to make you dinner or call the doctor for you – remember, there’s a toddler out there that’s better than you at just about everything.

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