10 Quotes That Prove Fat Amy Is Our Spirit Animal

Sometimes I think I should quit memes..then I think better not.

Starring in the fan-favorite Pitch Perfect, Fat Amy entered all of our lives and our hearts with her unapologetic humor and crazy personality. Despite her quirks, we all have a lot of relatable moments with Fat Amy. Below are the top ten.

1. When you just can’t find motivation to workout. 

2. When someone around you can’t get a grip on something.

3. When you’re having a tough day and something bad happens. 

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4. When you kill an exam that you spent all night studying for. 

5. When a boy wrongs you or your best friend. 

6. When pants at home just seem like way too much effort. 

7. When your two friends just won’t stop fighting. 

8. Being able to recognize your talents. 

9.When you try to find the bright side of things. 

10. When your friend fills you in on the latest gossip. 

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