Professor Blows Up His Students’ Spots By Posting Their Browser History In Class

The savagery is real.

If you’ve ever been to a college class, you’d know that most professors have no time for laptops and cell phones. If you’re lucky, some professors will let you use your laptops to take notes on in their lecture. But, not every professor is this chill.

When you end up in a lecture where you can use your computer, it’s almost impossible to stay on task when you have the entire World Wide Web at your fingertips. Many of us students find ourselves browsing online stores, watching games that we’re missing – or writing articles like this (I’m actually in a class writing this…).

Regardless – we all know what it’s like to “pay attention” to our professors behind our computer screens.

One professor caught wind of what was going on throughout the semester and decided to comprise a list of everything he’s noticed over its entirety. He posted a slide on his projector simply titled:

Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class

And, some of these things were completely savage. While some students were online shopping or watching sports, others were watching porn, taking selfies or looking at super weird sh*t – like pictures of sliced bread. Apparently, one person even broke up with their boyfriend during class. What a boss.

Whoever this teacher is – you’re my hero.