Music Festival Turns Into A Real Life “Hunger Games”

People are actually stranded needing food and supplies.

With festival season upon us, it seems as though everyone is spending money they don’t have to experience their favorite musicians live, up close and personal. With music festivals being so popular, more and more they are moving to locations where people have to travel pretty damn far to attend. For example – not everyone lives in Cali and has the ability to attend Coachella.

A brand new festival, Fyre Festival, was supposed to be the “festival of all festivals” – taking place at a luxury resort in The Bahamas. Imagine – not only do you get a tropical vacation, but you also get to experience all the fun of a music festival. It sounds glorious – right?

Tickets to the festival cost $4,000-$12,000 and attendees has to obviously travel pretty far to get there, with most concert go-ers from The United States. While the lineup looked amazing and fans were super excited to go – it turns out, the festival was a complete and total bust.

The lineup was absolutely epic and everyone was set to have a tropical festival experience, but according to attendees and several media outlets – the festival was much like a realistic Hunger Games.

Top headliner Blink-182 cancelled their appearance at the festival just days before they were set to perform.

Numerous people who traveled to the festival for the weekend have taken to Twitter, Instagram and Reddit to report that the festival was a disaster zone. No stages were built and there was absolutely no staff or security to secure the location. The “catered meals” that people were promised were apparently slices of plain bread and packaged plastic packaged cheese. As well, everyone lost their luggage for at least a day, until it began to be thrown off the backs of trucks into a large crowd of people.

It basically was a total mess.

To top it off, there were rabid dogs running around the “festival grounds” and locals were attempting to rob half of the people there for whatever they had on them. No performers were in attendence when people arrived at the festival and food eventually became scarce and people couldn’t find any water or drinks. While people were excited to attend, they were now excited to leave.

But, flights to and from the island were cancelled as people tried to get the f*ck out of there. Yeah, I said cancelled.


Here’s what the whole mess basically looks like: