“This Doesn’t Add Up” — Influencer Shoots Back At Fatphobic Trolls Who Can’t Believe Her Husband Is Handsome & Ripped

If you ask me, one of the grossest, yet all-too-common things you hear is “I can’t believe he’s with her” or “I can’t believe she’s with him.” I call it Pete Davidson Syndrome.



The original video went viral for all the wrong reasons, but rather than letting it get to her, Mccarvell clapped back at the haters for their fatphobic comments in a powerful response video.


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In it, she called out the nasty responses for perpetuating modern-day toxic beauty standards.

“I posted a simple transition video of me and my husband going from towels to dressed up together,” the TikToker said. “This is not unlike what all kinds of different couples do on this app.”

She added, “My video went viral and I know we all know why. It’s because by beauty standards, we don’t make sense. The world looks at us and immediately values Scott more than me.”


“And since we don’t add up, people try to add things to my side of the equation to make it make sense by saying things like ‘Oh she much not have been fat when they met’ or ‘Oh, she’s gotta be rich’ or they try to decrease his side of the equation by saying things like, he must be gay, or he fetishizes fat women.”

Mccarvell then shared screenshots of some of the shallow comments she and her husband received on their cute video. 


“We’ve been made to believe that somebody who is physically fit like Scott could never in a million years be in love with or compatible with a fat woman. And that’s solely because the world has literally taught us that we have to value our worth on our bodies.”

As if it weren’t enough that people were spewing hate in her comments, one woman went so far as to DM Mccarvell’s husband telling him he should be with her instead of his wife.

“A woman slid into Scott’s DMs and said, ‘You should be with somebody who looks like me.’ She was thin and by beauty standards a 10 out of 10. Here’s the thing, though,” she said. “Me telling myself for the majority of our relationship that I’m not worthy of his love because of my body is the exact same thing as this thin woman telling him that she is worthy of his because of her body. I’m undervaluing myself and she is overvaluing herself.”

“He values my humor, and my commitment, and my love, and my caring heart. And none of these things that he values about me change if my body changes.”

Commenters applauded Mccarvell’s call-out video for standing up for herself, saying that plus-size people deserve love just as much as those considered to be conventionally “beautiful.”


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