You Look Like You Could Use Some Secondhand Embarrassment (25 Pics)

You! Yes, you there. You look like you’d like to see some cringe-worthy but funny pictures taken by strangers.

Frankly, I live to see other people embarrass themselves. It’s happening to someone else. That’s why it’s funny.

Honestly, though, I laugh at all of these cringe photos because I’ve been there before. I had an “awkward” phase (my teens and twenties).

I survived, however, and my reward is that I get to joke about seeing other people be awkward. It’s fun! They survived these cringe moments against all odds. Let’s enjoy other people capturing the moments.

Here are the funniest and most awkward photos of people experiencing second-hand embarrassment:

1. So conceited you’re already imagining betrayal.

2. Don’t let death get in the way of your pickup line.

3. I bet whatever the students sent in was not considered torture by the CIA.

4. “Don’t bring her up.”

5. Why would you do this?

6. Guy cancelling plans and making it weird for everyone. Just say “can’t make it.”

7. Always be closing when you’re in a MLM scheme.

8. Wow, no thanks.

9. “My coworkers brought binoculars today so they could spy on beachgoers.”

10. I’m sure.

11. When you definitely play guitar.

12. Wow. Cartoons and furries have warped people’s brains.

13. Good thing I’m what shows up when you do that search.

14. Disregard that last text, grandma.

15. Never do this. This is a horror story.

16. The guy who posted this just started the diet.

17. Going 0-100 instantly.

18. Make it stop.

19. “Accidentally made two announcements.”

20. “My friend’s creepy dad sent me this.”

21. When you don’t know anything but you’re still outraged.

22. My man, calm down.

23. Accidentally left the flash on while sneaking a photo.

24. This guy wrote “selfie with Rihanna” and it looks like she wanted to take the photo!

25. It’s an honor just to be an accident.

h/t Reddit: r/cringepics