New Mom Asks Friend To Wear A Bra Before Meeting Baby, Friend Doesn’t Listen — Who Is In The Wrong Here?

You’d think from that title alone you were in for a session of sweet, sweet judgment, wouldn’t you Well, my friend: prepare to be surprised because this takes a turn.


u/throwawayaitabra recently asked if she was the assh*le for telling her friend to wear a bra around her baby. Why would you even ask that? Well…

I have a 6 month old, and just started allowing visitors. My best friend came to visit and I texted her suggesting she wear a bra or a thick shirt if she plans to hold my son because he grabs nipples, very hard and my friend has hers pierced and has told me they’re super sensitive.

Her six-month-old has a DEATH GRIP and loves boobs. Her friend? Sensitive nipples. So, you know …. the suggestion to wear a dang bra:

I explained this to her and she ignored my messages but she came over anyway, nipples poking through shirt and my 6 month old was staring hands ready. I offered to give her a sweater and she looked at me sideways and suggested I was sexualizing her breasts and she isn’t covering up.


I explained that wasn’t the case but she didn’t want to hear me, I respected her decision and asked if she still wants to hold the baby, she grabbed by son from me and within 5 minutes he had a death grip on her nipples and she jumped up screamed in pain and pulled him off of her.


OP offered the guest a sweater, the guest accused her of “sexualizing her nipples”, and OP watched as the inevitable happened: the guest had her boobs grabbed by a baby.

I said “that’s why I suggested a bra” this made her even more mad and said “No you suggested that because you’re a misogynist.” I was so confused and she left abruptly.

She keeps telling our mutual friends that I was sexualizing her breast and was trying to make her wear a bra or that i wouldn’t welcome her but that isn’t at all what happened

Am I missing something? I feel like her reaction is really uncalled for.

OP is now dealing with a jerk of a friend who a) is whining to their friends and b) telling OP to teach a 6-month-old not to grab. Good luck.

ETA: in the midst of our arguing she suggested that i should teach my son to not grab nipples but he is just a baby