People Are Sharing Durable Old Things That Were Made To Last And They Still Use Today (35 Pics)

They don’t make things like they used to. These days, stuff is made so cheap with the intention of replacing it when it breaks. It wasn’t like that back in the day. Everything was built to last, in fact, some of that stuff is still working today.

People are sharing the cool old stuff that’s still working today in this cool subreddit called Buy It For Life. From 100-year-old fridges to antique coffee pots, here are some of the most interesting items shared in the group.

1. “A Lady Who Always Grabs Vintage Casserole Dishes At Thrift Stores Or Yard Sales And Uses Them When She Brings A Meal To Someone!”


“I saw a post the other day by a lady who said she always grabs vintage casserole dishes when she sees them at thrift stores or yard sales and uses them when she brings a meal to someone! She said often they are cheaper than disposable ones and the family can either keep them for themselves or pass them on to someone else who needs a meal in the future! So in the spirit of reduce, reuse, renew, and recycle…I thought this was a neat idea worth sharing!”

2. “Family Heirloom Thanksgiving Cactus, 100 Years Old, Three Generations In The Family”


3. “Family Heirloom Restoration In Progress!”


4. “Our Aga Stove That Came With The House Will Survive Us All! This Thing Is Built Like A Tank And An Absolute Delight To Work With”


5. “In 2000, I Was Studying Overseas & Cringed As I Forked Over $10 For The Plainest Pencil I Could Find In The University Bookstore. I Had No Idea It Would Become My Forever Favorite & I’d Carry It Everywhere For The Next 22 Years”


6. “Found This On The Curb. All Accessories In The Bowl. Works Beautifully”


7. “Found This On Facebook Today… Thought Some Of You Might Enjoy It”


8. “Le Creuset Enamel/ Iron Saucepan Set (80’s/90’s)”


9. “This Multimillion-Dollar Hospital Lab I Work In With Huge Analyzers And New Equipment Manufactured Months Ago Has A Tape Dispenser From 1960-1970 Held Up By A Toothpick Stick”


10. “Fixed Up An Old Tanker Desk! These Things Last Forever”


11. “My Mom’s Hair Dryer Has Been Used For 42 Years And Stopped Working For The First Time. Turns Out It Was Just A Faulty Cable, So I Replaced And It’s Up Again”


12. “I Know, Another Thermos. But Seriously, This Was My Grandfather’s From The 50’s And Still Kept Coffee Hot For Hours In -20 Today!”


13. “1911 Ingersoll Yankee That Belonged To My Great (Times A Few) Uncle. The Original “Dollar Watch” Still Keeping Time 110 Years Later”


14. “Never See One Of These Before And Unfortunately It Didn’t Come With The Chairs, But For $5 I Couldn’t Pass. Old Coleman Products Are Just So Cool”


15. “The Best Pencil Sharpener. Berol Chicago – Apsco”


16. “Over 50 Years Old And Still Making Superbowl Queso”


17. “My Pioneer Receiver From 1974, Freshly Serviced And Ready For Another 50 Years”


18. “Wedding Gift My Parents Got In The Late 60s. Stelton Aj Coffee Pot”


19. “My Boxed Sony Walkman Dc2 Complete With Original Invoice From 1987. Still Working, Use It In My Car On Occasion”


20. “Beyerdynamic Dt 880 Headphones From 1981 Still Sound Better Than Almost All Modern Headphones I’ve Tried”


21. “1960s Bath Towel Still In The Family. According To My Mother, She Bought It At Zody’s In Southern California Between 1967 And 1969. I Use It Regularly 50+ Years Later”


22. “Sterling 5 Qt Ice Cream Maker (Ca 1970s); Inherited From Grandma, Still Churning Goodness”


23. “Just Picked This Up For $90 Used For My Wife Who Loves Baking. How Did I Do?”


24. “This Silverware Set From 1858 That Is Still The Primary Set Used By Our Family”


25. “Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. My Parents Taught Me To Use It, 30+ Years Later I’m Teaching My Daughter How”


26. “My 30-Year-Old Kitchen Stove That Is Still Used Daily”


27. “After 7 Months Of Waiting, My BIFL Ernest Wright Scissors Finally Arrived From Across The Pond”


28. “I Love These Old Fans. This One Pushes More Air Than My Box Fan, And It’s Quieter! Haven’t Been Able To Pinpoint A Date”


29. “My Parents Got This Toaster In 1971. I Grew Up Using It & Took It With Me When I Left Home. It’s Been Making Toast Several Times A Week For 50 Years”


30. “This Зил Soviet Fridge Is Over 50 Years Old, And Is Still Actively Used By Our Family Without Issues”


h/t: BoredPanda