Bride Discovers A Wedding Guest Filled Tupperware Containers With Food And Left $5 As A Gift

Weddings are supposed to be fun for everyone, especially the bride and groom. They invited their closest friends and family to celebrate, but it seems like there will always be someone there to put a damper on it.

Just because there’s an open bar and dinner doesn’t mean you get to take advantage and freeload off of the generosity of the bride and groom.

This viral Facebook post from a bride venting about a trashy guest has made the rounds on Reddit, and it’s shocking to find out that someone would act this way at someone’s wedding.

Here’s the original Facebook post Redditor u/numanuma_  shared in the popular r/trashy subreddit:

“A guest filled 7 Tupperware containers with food from the wedding reception and gave the couple 5 USD as a gift”

Fellow Redditors were understandably upset with the guest and shared their own experiences with trashy wedding guests.

h/t: BoredPanda