16 People Share How Tracking Their Family Tree Started Drama

I’m lucky to have been born into a relatively ‘normal’ family who has all been honest about their life. Well… at least they have been honest so far!

People on Reddit are sharing how doing one of those family tree DNA tests really screwed up their family. Here are some of the craziest answers.


I’ve been searching for my father my whole life and through 23andme I just found a half-brother, finally answering the question. Our father is unfortunately passed, but we’re meeting in person in April.
A couple weeks after we found each other we were also contacted by another half-sister.



My brother got our whole family 23andme kits for Christmas last year. Everyone did the swab and got their results back which showed how we’re all related and yada yada yada, but my results came back inconclusive. 23andme sent me a new kit to do it again and THAT one also came back inconclusive. So the company sent me an email basically saying I can never do it again probably because I’m using a bunch of resources with no results.

Anyway now my family says I don’t have any human DNA and that I must be a lizard. They make lizard sounds when I’m around and I am ashamed.



Not destroyed but my 75-year-old grandmother just found out her dad was not her real dad. Turns out her mom had an affair with the family doctor and never told a single soul. Not only did she find out her family doctor was her real dad (the one who birthed not only her but also all of her own children) but turns out this family doctor was sleeping with a lot of his patients. She now has a bunch of new half-sisters and brothers, some of them knew who their real dad was and some of them didn’t. My great-grandmother was quite the secret keeper.



Kind of the opposite. I found out I have an older sister, apparently, my dad was being a little promiscuous lol. RIP old man. And she also shares my birthday, what are the chances?!

Edit: for everyone sending me the probability, I get it lol. I just meant it’s crazy that I found out I have an estranged older sister who just so happens to share my birthday as well. Pretty crazy to me anyway



I discovered that I have some of the highest known neanderthal DNA, more than 99% users, and over 4% of my total DNA. 3 tests were submitted and a flight was provided to a university in Australia for testing. Was cool at first, and then not.

It bothered my wife a bit at first thanks to watching a couple of documentaries.



I just got off the phone with my newly found bio dad. My mom died in 1980, my dad in 2012. I logged Friday into ancestry DNA to get my results from their Black Friday sale. It said that this person in NC was my father, no doubt. Turns out it was my mom’s boyfriend before my dad came along. I have no idea if anyone knew. My newly found father certainly didn’t.



Not me, but one of my bar regulars did the test with her older sister. Turns out not only are they not related to each other, but both of them are adopted. And, their adoptive parents are both dead. And, their entire extended family knew the whole time but no one ever told them.



It’s not destroyed, but something unexpected.

My Aunt is 60+ years old now. When she was 18, she claimed she was raped by her Uncle, and he got her pregnant. No one believed her, she became a heroin addict, lost contact.

She’s my mom’s half-sister. So she has absolutely no blood relation to my Mom’s Mom’s (Grandma’s) side of the family. Well my Aunt had the baby, and that baby had a daughter, and she had the DNA test. Turns out she’s related to my Grandma, who also took a DNA test.

To cut through the confusion. It confirms my Aunt was in fact telling the truth, and no one believed her. I never had contact with her, so I am not really affected. But that’s messed up.



My dad turned out not to be my dad. So the basic 23andme family surprise I guess? Also found out that my heritage can best be described as a white mystery.



Can’t speak for myself, but one of my old high school teachers took an Ancestry DNA test and found out his dad wasn’t actually his biological father. His mom had cheated on her husband. He joked around so much that when he told our class, I thought he was joking. Nope.



The family wasn’t destroyed but my dad found out he has a 43-year-old daughter he never knew about that was conceived when he was 16, (I was his oldest, I’m 23) and my mom found out her grandad had an illegitimate child there was no record of. Wild.



My mom’s coworker (adopted) took the test and found a full sibling match (and then found out she had actually 4 full siblings). The coworker and sibling made contact but couldn’t piece together the story so the sibling put her in touch with her bio parents. Both of them flat out denied that she was their daughter and freaked the fuuuuck out.

After a few go-arounds with the parents, the dad admitted to this lady that she was their daughter but the mother had gotten pregnant super young and they weren’t ready to start a family so they sent her to one of those homes where she gave birth and immediately put her up for adoption. Then the parents just decided it never happened and lived their lives (got married, had kids) like they didn’t give their firstborn child up for adoption because of societal pressures. But the mother actually believes she never had this first daughter because of some psychotic break and cannot accept her own reality as truth.



My grandpa passed away from Alzheimer’s, so my family uploaded our raw DNA to another site to see if any of us have the same genes that make it likely for any of the rest of us to have it as well. Luckily most of us didn’t have the gene my grandpa had, but my uncles have it. So while my immediate family knows we’ve got average chances, my poor uncles are probably dreading the future.



Spouse found out his dad wasn’t his dad. His judgmental holier-than-thou catholic mom had some explaining to do. He lost an immense amount of respect for her, especially when the bio dad tried to reach out to him. She is still in contact with the married man she had an affair with over 4 decades ago. He refuses to speak to him and has limited contact with her.



Husband found a cousin who informed him of the passing of his estranged father. Father had some money in the bank, the family fought over the money.



Not destroyed, it just confirmed what we already knew that there was more than one Father between 5 siblings. At least three as it turned out.


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