Waitress Refuses Alcohol To Teenage Boys, Faces Their Petty Revenge

If you’ve ever waited tables before, you’re well aware that there’s no shortage of stingy jerks eating at restaurants.

For whatever reason, these types think that servers work for free unless the customer decides they’ve done a good enough job to tip them.

Obviously, no other business or profession works like this. Accountants don’t just do your taxes and then if you feel like you’re happy with the refund they got you, it’s your decision whether or not to pay them, and you get to pick how much.

But I digress.

This is not a story about how tipping isn’t optional, it’s a story about some of the aforementioned jerk customers shared by TikTok user @kenzjee.

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Recently a group of teen boys was seated in @kenzjee‘s section at, yes, Hooters.

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@kenzjee claims the gentlemen, who were clearly underage, tried to order a bunch of Mich Ultras (which, frankly, should tip anyone off that they’re underage)

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When asked if they had IDs, the boys refused to show any. She then gave them their bill for the iced teas they did order, in return, they left her a $0 tip and a middle finger drawn on the bill.

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@kenzjee had kind of a sense of humor about it, noting the middle finger was at least well done. Full video here:

Commenters were quick to take the side of the boys, saying a $0 tip “seemed” fair because they only ordered water…

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But @kenzjee corrected them noting that they did order the iced teas (and she mentioned it in the comments.)

Via kenzjee)

Other commenters backed the OP, probably because a few have waited tables before.

Let this serve as a PSA though:

  • Don’t try to get drinks if you’re underage.
  • If you can’t get drinks without an ID, which is YOUR fault, just be nice to your waitress, tip and leave.