Apparently, Swedish People Don’t Feed Their Guests, And The Internet Can’t Handle It

Sweden is known for many things, but a recent Reddit post that discussed a hardly known cultural custom where they don’t feed their guests has tarnished their reputation. At least, according to Twitter.

It all started after one Redditor asked, “What is the weirdest thing you had to do at someone’s house because of their culture/religion?”

While many responded with varying experiences, one of the most popular responses came from someone who explained how while they were at their Swedish friend’s house, they weren’t invited to eat dinner, but instead, were asked to wait there until dinner was over.

Another user chimed in with a similar experience.

The post made its way to Twitter where the topic quickly went viral and took on a whole life of its own.

People were quick to point out other cultures being known for their hospitality.



And then there were the memes:

Many Swedes chimed in to confirm that, yes, this is a real thing. Who knew??


People just can’t believe it!