Chris Evans And His Brother Scott Took The #CouplesChallenge To Find Out If They’re “Legit Bros”

This week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chris Evans and his brother Scott took the #CouplesChallenge—and we all learned a few things about the two siblings.

Chris and Scott—who are quarantining together—took the challenge, which is intended to show just how well you know the other person in the couple. To play the game, Fallon told the two brothers that they need to keep their eyes closed and then point to whoever would be the most likely to complete a certain prompt. If both point to the same person, they are given a point.

Based on the final score, Fallon would announce if Scott and Chris are “legit bros.”

In the first round, the Evans siblings racked up five points—not bad, guys! The two agreed that Scott would be more fun at a sleepover while Chris would be more likely to get into a political fight on social media. It was also agreed that the Avengers star had better “Neil Diamond vibes.”

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Then, Fallon asked some questions about personal hygiene.

“Who’s gone the longest without showering during quarantine?” he asked. Both brothers pointed at Scott.

Then Fallon asked the question on everyone’s minds (just kidding, no one was thinking this): “Who smells worse right now?” Fallon asked.

“I finally showered after a week, so…” Scott shrugged.

After tallying up the scores, Fallon announced that indeed, the two are bros. Congrats! And keep up your personal hygiene, guys!