Elijah Wood Slid Into A Woman’s DMs To Play Animal Crossing With Her

For a lot of people, there’s nothing better than mindless relief from the soul-crushing reality of living during a pandemic. That often comes in the form of video games or apps. The world might be falling apart, but the world of Animal Crossing is peaceful, lush, friendly, and healthy—and you just might get a visit from a celebrity wishing to purchase your turnips.

That’s what happened to Animal Crossing player Jessica Kovalick, 23. She shared a story on social media about how she tweeted her turnip prices and then Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood showed up on her island to hang out.

In the world of Animal Crossing, “turnips are like stocks.” Kovalick’s were selling for a high price, which is why Wood wanted to visit her island.

According to screenshots, Wood’s avatar complimented the island, calling it “beautiful.”

It’s not confirmed that Elijah Wood was actually playing the avatar “Elijah Wood,” but he wouldn’t be the only celebrity passing the time on Animal Crossing. According to Refinery29, Brie Larson, Chrissy Teigen, Lil Nas X, and Guy Fieri are all playing the game.