Jake Johnson Managed To Convince Cobie Smulders To Sing “Let’s Go To The Mall” For Him

In a recent episode of Vulture’s Instagram Live series Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well, Cobie Smulders fans got a surprise in the form of a song. Current Stumptown co-stars Smulders and Jake Johnson, who were the people hanging out on the show, got to share some time together and take requests from audience members in the comments section.

One request that kept coming up? Fans wanted Smulders to sing “Let’s Go to the Mall” from her How I Met Your Mother days.

Smulders did not want to sing the 80s-style parody song at first, but Johnson persisted.

“Do you know it? I’m putting you on the spot, do you remember it,” he asks.

“Yeah, I definitely know the beginning of it,” Smulders says before protesting. “I’m not going to sing this song, it’s so upbeat.”

(They start talking about the song around the 9-minute mark, and she starts singing around 10:17.)

“C’mon, give us some heat, give us some heat. And I don’t want a ‘I’m kind of shy’ six. Give us a goddamn ten; we’re all living COVID-19, give us a damn ten! If you’re gonna do it Cobie, freaking do it,” Johnson responds.

Finally Smulders sings the opening: “Come on Jessica, come on Tori/ Let’s go to the mall, you won’t be sorry.”

It does bring you back to a time when malls were places to hang out instead of empty husks of capitalism! Thanks for the memories, guys!