Women Share The Absurd Things They Believed About Their Bodies Because Of Poor Sex Ed (22 Tweets)

In many school districts across the U.S., sexual education classes leave much to be desired. In conservative states, many teachers are forced into “abstinence-only” programs that have been found to be ineffective at best, with researchers discovering increased rates of unintended pregnancies, teen pregnancies, and STDs in these areas.

STDs and unwanted babies are bad enough, but even those who escape those nightmares can be left with some of the most ridiculous beliefs about basic human anatomy. Professor Julie Mannell, for example.

“I thought women had their periods forever,” she wrote. “When my first period stopped I assumed the neighbours’ dog impregnated me when I pet him. For a month I believed myself to be carrying a half human half dog baby. This story is brought to you by Ontario Catholic School Sex Ed in the 90s.”

Thankfully, Mannell stopped believing this at age 10 and ended up becoming a highly educated individual who understands how menstruation and sex work. The same can’t be said for everybody.

There are serious consequences to a lack of proper sex education for the public, but let’s focus on the funny stories of the wacky things that women have thought were true about their own bodies. After Mannell’s tweet went viral, many others chimed in to share their own embarrassing past beliefs.

Here are 22 of our absolute favorites: