Bride Cancels Wedding And Allegedly Keeps $30,000 In Wedding “Donations” To Go On Honeymoon

Weddings are extremely expensive, especially if you’re feeding everyone and providing an open bar. Knowing that, guests will often kick in and contribute, either through money to a “honeyfund” or via gifts on a registry. But they do it with the understanding that there will be a wedding, one which they will be attending. This is a story about a Bride who thought she could get the money without delivering the party.

On the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, Redditor u/joyeuxanniversaire1 shared a screenshot from Facebook of a woman who allegedly got 30 thousand dollars out of her friends and family for her wedding via “donations.” (I like that choice of word, like people were contributing to a non-profit or something and not just helping subsidize her big party.) Anyway, she writes that she and her fiancé have decided to postpone the wedding. But they will do it!


“After we regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts after a honeymoon we will announce a new wedding date and re open our money fund for any further gifts,” she writes. “Weddings are expensive!”

That’s right, they are going on a honeymoon before they go on a wedding. They don’t have financial stability, but they do have 30,000 dollars to spend and some of it is going towards a honeymoon. They don’t want anyone to feel bad if they haven’t donated money to this non-existent wedding yet—there will be further opportunities to give them more money in future. There’s also an Amazon gift list.

The OP also shared the beginnings of the comment responses to this insane announcement, in which the Bride defends herself by saying, “You chose to DONATE to ME,” as though it’s crazy people expected a wedding after paying in to her wedding fund.


Commenter u/Jizznut (noice) might have summarized how crazy the whole thing is with this:

“It’s not even that part which gets me[the honeymoon], although that is obviously insanely shitty. It’s how many times she mentions that people can still give them money or gifts. I honestly just read this as

“Hey everyone, thanks for all the money you gave us for our wedding. We’ve decided not to get married now so are just going to use your money for a big holiday for ourselves. And just in case you’re worried, it’s absolutely not too late to give us money. I don’t want you sitting there thinking you’ve missed the boat on giving us your money for the wedding that didn’t happen, this is absolutely not the case – okay? Although we are no longer getting married we will absolutely still accept your money or hell even some gifts, but money is preferred of course. So.. Just to reiterate everyone – you can absolutely still give us some money and even if you have already given us money for this now cancelled wedding do please remember that we will be expecting more of your money when we later announce the wedding is back on. Good stuff everyone, I’m glad we’re all now crystal clear on the fact its not too late to give us money or to start saving for the future money you will be giving us”

Maybe the Bride has hit the perfect racket and she’s not willing to give it up just yet. As long as she’s planning a wedding, she’s going to need money. If the wedding never happens, the gravy train never comes to a stop.

Just wait until she has kids.