Woman Asks How She Can ‘Gently Explain’ To Boyfriend That He’s Leaving Skid Marks On Sheets

A woman facing an awkward relationship dilemma did what anyone might do in her position: she took to Reddit to ask advice on how to tell her boyfriend that he needs to wipe better after pooping because he’s leaving skid marks on the sheets. Yikes!

The 24-year-old revealed in a now-deleted post that she’s feeling conflicted about talking to her 29-year-old boyfriend of a couple of months that he’s got a serious problem with his backside and asked for advice on how she might broach the subject without causing any extra embarrassment.

“To sum it up: he leaves skidmarks in my bed when we are together. Sometimes they’re not… dry. I find them after he leaves and because I have light sheets it’s kind of obvious,” she wrote.

OP admits that she originally thought it might be been her and felt mortified despite the fact that she’s “very diligent about that aspect” and showers twice daily, taking special care to ensure her “areas” are clean. However, a recent incident forced her to face reality: her boyfriend was the culprit.

“Today was the last straw, because I accidentally touched it and it was wet and it was exactly where HE was laying and it took every ounce of self-control not to gag because he was getting ready to leave,” she wrote.

To make matters worse, her boyfriend has been known to praise the use of baby wipes after a number two for this specific reason, so it’s somewhat ironic that he’s then leaving nasty streaks on his girlfriend’s sheetsand that he seems to take these monster craps right before getting into her bed naked.

The top comment was probably the best advice OP could have received.

NapsAreMyFavorite wrote:

Honestly, the best bet with something like this is to be unembarrassed, factual, and matter-of-fact. The more “gently” you approach it like it’s embarrassing, etc., the more he will feel that it’s something to be embarrassed over (which, to be fair,it is, but that’s not your goal).

“Hon, you’re not wiping well enough in the bathroom and it’s left stains on my sheets. I left baby wipes in there for you, let me know if you need something different.”

Then move on and change the subject. Be cool, calm, matter-of-fact.

Another poster, who’s also a nurse, suggested that perhaps there was a more serious reason for the skid marks, like perhaps her boyfriend has a medical problem and may need the help of a proctologist for a lax anal sphincter or a gastroenterologist in case he has IBD or other digestive issues.

OP responded to say that she plans to approach the conversation from a health perspective, but however the conversation comes about, I think we can all agree it really needs to happenand the boyfriend needs to start wearing underwear to bed.