Women On Twitter Can’t Seem To Agree On The ‘Right Way’ To Put On A Bra

A hot new debate has sprung up on Twitter: What is the correct way to put on a bra?

Twitter user @nakaimosu posed this monumental question alongside a graphic listing two double-step methods: The blue approach is clasping the bra in the front, then swiveling it around and threading your arms in last, whereas the red approach is putting a bra on frontwards, and reaching behind your back to do the clasp up, sight unseen.

“hey y’all how do you put on a bra??” asked aki. “I GOTTA KNOW.”

She followed up the initial tweet with other options: “people who put it on as a t-shirt, wear no bras, or wear sports bras /bralettes are also in the equation.”

Listen, I, too, gotta know. And so do you. As with every other topic imaginable, Twitter was divided. The consensus among Team Red seemed to be the blue way is “weak.”

This comment from user @Namjooniased, who says she is a “blind girl” seems to verify that nobody out here needs to be practicing the blue method.

However, team blue called those who clasped inthe back “androids” and “sociopaths,” citing ease of use for their preferred approach.

Then there were those who fell outside of the bra-wearing dichotomy imposed by the graphic. Some women, apparently, put on bras like they would a t-shirt.

Others wear sports bras, or my personal favorite, no bras.

Then there was this legend, who blessed us with the following revolutionary knowledge:

(Was I the only one who didn’t know this?)


h/t Twitter