31 Things Every Single Woman On Earth Does, But Doesn’t Talk About

My entire life, when I washed my hair in the shower, I’d stick the hairs that came loose on the shower wall and twirl them altogether into a gnarly hair-spiral-clump at the end so it would be easier to pull off and throw away in one piece.

It wasn’t until I reached college that I met one of my best friends, and she was like “I do that too!” and then another roommate piped up and was like “hey, I do that three!”

I was stunned. How did we all, instinctively, know to finger-twirl our loose shower-hairs? What else did I do that other women did that nobody ever talked about?

These 31 things, apparently:


















18. Stood up and felt the full force of that flow anyway.

19. Pooed way more than normal thanks to those notorious period shits.

20. Or the opposite, and been stopped up for days at a time.

21. Wiped after pooing only to see more blood than poo on the paper.

22. Waddled like a penguin when you woke up because you have a pad full of blood.

23. Asked someone to check the back of your clothes for leaks.

24. Tried to do it yourself in vain.

25. Used toilet paper as an emergency.

26. Not been able to tell the difference between period pains and “I need to shit” pains until the last minute.

27. Tried to subtly rearrange your pad but looked like you’re pulling out a wedgie.

28. Had blood move up towards the back of your butt, and wondered how the fuck it got there.

29. Been moved to tears by something slightly inconsequential, like finding out a show you were planning to watch was taken off Netflix.

30. Experienced the full spectrum of human emotions within the space of a few hours.

31. Dreaded the second and third days of your period before they’ve even happened.


h/t BuzzFeed