Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Have Called Off Their Engagement

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have called off their engagement, according to TMZ. According to the media outlet, sources close to both Grande and Davidson claim the couple called it quits over the weekend.
The sources also indicated that while the two still “have love for each other,” it’s currently not the right time for their serious relationship. They told People Magazine that both Davidson and Grande say it was “too much too soon.”

The two announced their engagement in May when Grande was seen wearing a $100,000 engagement ring at shows and in public. The two had met in 2016 on the set of Saturday Night Live when Grande was brought on as a host. According to both parties, they immediately “fell in love” on set.

Recently, Grande has been going through some emotional turmoil. Last year, the terrorist attack during her Manchester concert has taken a toll on her psyche. Additionally, her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, died of an overdosed this year. For anyone, it would be incredibly hard to deal with these things. For a celebrity constantly in the media spotlight, it’s 10x harder. It’s no wonder that Grande and her team announced she would be taking a break from the limelight in light of the events that have happened.

Twitter, has obviously, had some strong reactions and feelings to the news of the couple’s split.



Regardless of what went down behind closed doors, we hope both Ariana and Pete are happy.