Can We Take A Moment To Discuss How Smokin’ Hot Steve Carell Has Gotten?

In a stretch that has come a very, very long way since the dark days of Michael Scott on The Office, Steve Carell has reemerged in the industry as nothing more than a smokin’ hot silver fox.
I discovered last year that Carell had begun to grow in some silver locks, apparently hit the gym, and looked pretty well dressed–clearly, leaving me in a pretty shocking state. At the time, he had told fans “he can’t help that he’s so hot.” A true legend.

If you thought that Daddy Steve was going to stop there–you must have been mistaken. The man has gotten even hotter within the last year. Not only are his silver locks a glowing, but, he’s also grown a pretty impressive beard to match.

Just look at these pictures from the press tour for his new film, Beautiful Boy.

Getty Images

How can you deny this smoke show?

Getty Images

I mean…come on.

Getty Images

It’s clear that Steve Carell is like a bottle of fine wine–he has gotten much better with age. And, I’m not the only one who believes this. Twitter has officially (finally) agreed with me on something.

Steve, my love, keep up that good work.