20+ Straight Guys Share Their Most Intimate Moments With Other Men

It’s 2018, now, so we all know that men can have feelings. But still it seems that there is weirdness around how two men relate to each other. Female friendships get extremely close, so why not male friendships?

But no – bros will be bros, and no homo, etc. Except, like, come one. That’s super lame, and by now we should all be able to tell the difference between a blossoming romance and just two people are with each other and recognizing each others’ feelings and being helpful and kind and empathetic.

These guys knew:

32. Watching Cake Boss:

My buddy and I were bored one day and decided to watch some cake boss. That particular day my basement was cold as fucking Antarctica so we shared a blanket.

A few minutes into this my girlfriend came into my house and walked in and I realized how it looked to her to see 2 straight men bundled up watching cake boss together.

The only words I could muster up were “it’s not what it looks like”

It was exactly what it looked like.

31. Bathing together:

My friend got really super drunk and decided to take a bath with his clothes on. I, being the less drunk one, stayed in the bathroom to make sure he didn’t like drown or something. He ended up inviting me to join him.

Two bros, fully clothed, drunk, in a bubble bath at 2am.

30. Getting a massage:

I was injured one day during our teenage shenanigans years ago.

Girlfriend of the time was on a trip, but her dad offered me a massage, and damn that old man knew what he was doing. I asked him to teach his daughter, or I’d keep coming back for him.

29. Being a shoulder to cry on:

Long story short my best buddy at the time broke up with his gf of 5 years while we were on a camping trip. We ended up getting hammered that night and as we were just sitting on the beach looking at the sea he started crying, I gave him a hug and a shoulder to cry on for about 10 minutes, no words were spoken.

He and our other friend ditched me on the camping site 2 days later. I have trust issues now ????

28. Shaving his back:

I used to shave my buddies back when we were deployed cause the itchiness under our combat shirts was miserable for him.

Don’t know if that’s considered intimate but you do a lot of intimate things with platoon mates when you’re in a line platoon and down range.

27. Being there for each other:

I was overseas when my father passed away. I was a zombie for a couple days. My good friend was also in the same city and came to see me the day after it happened. I cried so hard and he was just there for me.

26. Not killing him:

Friend came over and got super drunk. Ended up saying “I’m strong enough to kill you anytime I want but I don’t cus I love you.” He ended up puking till he passed out. Had to clean him up and tuck him in on the couch.

25. Checking for ticks:

Checked friends balls for water ticks.

24. Taking acid:

Took acid for the first time with my best friend. We broke in to the public pool and swam around with flashlights at night saying how cool it looked. Security showed up and we ended running and hiding under the grandstand and we were both pretty terrified.

We were hugging each other to try stay inconspicuous and stayed completely still and he said “fuck I love you man” and I said “fuck, I love you too bro”

23. Answering the love questionnaire:

There was this list of 36 questions that were designed to make the people answering them together fall in love. Did it with one of my already close friends. Never fell in love, but had some deep conversations for like 2 hours.

22. Getting a lil kiss:

I was at a party with some classmates and a few strangers. After many beers and a few shots, one of my male friends kissed a girl (quickly) on the mouth. I turned to him and said “Hey, am I not gonna get any?” jokingly, and he kissed me too. And I gotta say, I’m a straight guy, but I’m not gonna say I hated it.