26 Goodwill Employees Share The Most Batsh*t Donations They’ve Ever Received

9. A lice comb:

We got a winter jacket with a lice comb and an extremely old hard boiled egg once. My coworker took the egg out back and chucked it, which is how we found out about it being hard boiled… Also people have accidentally donated their groceries before, that’s always interesting.

8. Lightly used vibrator:

The used vibrator was a highlight, with the added touch of a single pube stuck to it. The dead mouse was….a somewhat different experience.

The homemade jam was a nice one. We couldn’t sell it but we had pre-opening staff toast parties in honour of Mrs Old Lady and her homemade plum jam!

Edit: just remembered another one. The mystery knitter. So every so often, at various times of various days, a bag would appear. A nondescript white bag, full, with white tissue paper on top. In the bag would be beautiful knitted babywear – cardigans, hats, bootees, all different sizes and colours. All hand knitted, with the same talcum powder scent. We’d try to stake the front of shop out to find out who but we never did. I still go in for a chat and a rummage and the Mystery Knitter is still at it. We like to think of some wee old lady lurking around until the coast is clear then fineglingfinagling the bag into the shop and leaving the scene unnoticed.

7. Fake artillery:

During the Austin, TX serial bombings earlier this year, someone donated an artillery simulation device that ended up going off while being sorted and led to minor injuries to an employee and mass hysteria that the bomber had started to target donation drop offs.

Bad weird donation. Worse timing.

6. Just loads of questionable stuff:

Hey, a question I can answer, I’ve gotten lots of stuff! The usual sex toys, lots of weed, I got a barrel of wine, used needles (one of which I found with my finger), once accidentally accepted a cat hiding in box of clothes.

There were things like 14 ft Christmas tree, Nazi lantern, knit dick sock, a guy tried to give me his truck once, which apparently my store does take vehicles but those are picked up after paperwork is filled out not donated directly to the store. My lead got mad me for taking a bouncy castle once.

5. A great dinnertime combo:

Old porn DVD’s donated with a crockpot full of moldy bean water.

4. A fun secret stash:

3-man tent. All poles, excellent condition, complete with shit-filled underwear stashed away in one of the pockets attached to said tent.

3. A literal fart:

A glass jar labeled “fart june. 1975”

2. …useless food garbage:

Hard boiled eggs. They didn’t want to eat them but also they didn’t want to throw them away so they thought of donating them

1. A dead person:

I was volunteering at a Goodwill once and while sorting donations, came upon an urn that still contained the ash of human remains.