Single Dad Wears Dress To Mother’s Day Event At His Son’s School So He Wouldn’t Feel Left Out

There are many single parents all over the world who know what it’s like to have to be both mom and dad. While every day may seem like a bit of a struggle, the hardest part of being a single parent is when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rolls around.
Whether you’re a single mother or a single father, trying to have your child feel complete and not left out on the holiday where a parent is missing seems like an uphill battle. Except, one father from Thailand found a way to make sure his son felt complete and apart of his class on their Mother’s Day event at school.

Chatchai “Sam” Panuthai is a single father from Kanchanaburi, Thailand with two sons–3-year-old Imsome and 5-year-old Ozone. In Thailand, they celebrate Mother’s Day on August 12th. Chatchai wanted to make sure that Ozone didn’t feel left out at the Mother’s Day event they had at his school, so he attended wearing a dress.

Posted by Kornpat Ae Sukhom on Thursday, August 9, 2018

The video of Chatchai has gone viral on Facebook and viewed over 6 million times.


Many people in Thailand were touched by the video and shared it, saying very sweet things about Chatchai.


Not all heroes wear capes, but some parents definitely do.