Did Kendall Jenner Push A Security Guard Out Of Her Shot At The Met Gala? An Investigation.

Kendall Jenner got a lot of flack at Monday’s Met Gala. The supermodel has not only been blasted for her “unimaginative” outfit, the major critique of which lay in what people saw as her refusal  to abide by the year’s theme (“Heavenly Bodies”), but also for straight up pushing a security guard out of her shot.

In a video making the Twitter rounds, Jenner can be seen (gently!) pushing a wayward security guard out of her shot before striking a pose for the cameras.

But did she really push him?

This, to me, looks like the hand of a woman trying to stop a dude from unknowingly stepping all over her all white bellbottoms.

Don’t kill Kendall’s vibe.

Jenner’s detractors called her “rude” and  “arrogant,” while Daily Mail published an article headlined, “Kendall Jenner SHOVES assistant out of way as he invades her photo on red carpet at the Met Gala.”



Yet to many, myself included, it seems obvious that Kendall held her hand out to avoid collision, as the assistant/security guard was still moving backwards without realizing she was directly behind him.