Rihanna Somehow Sported A Gucci Ski Mask At Coachella, Despite The Heat

Coachella “lewks” are always pretty distinctive, and generally involve lots of feathers, tassels, and/or nipples. It’s just the way of the festival season fashion, after all. However, Rihanna, our Queen of All Things Good, has officially taken iconic music festival fashion to an entirely new level.

While attending Coachella this year, Rihanna decided to generate some buzz by wearing a knitted ski mask.

If you’ll recall, Coachella is in the desert. THE DESERT. So, a knitted ski mask is probably not the most comfortable accessory for such a hot and arid music festival.

Obviously, Twitter was both impressed and baffled by Rihanna’s brave wardrobe choice.

But, then again, judging from her past Coachella outfits, Rihanna kind of has a penchant for full body garb.

I guess Rihanna is simply confirming what we’ve all suspected for a while: no matter how hot it gets, she pretty much always stays cool.