7 Playboy Playmates Recreate Their Own Covers Decades Later

Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, there weren’t many places a young, curious boy could see a naked woman. National Geographic, scrambled softcore cable porn late at night, and Playboy. That’s pretty much it. Of the three, naturally, Playboy had no real competition. Plus, “the articles were amazing.”

Well, Playboy photographers Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry recently released an amazing piece, recreating cover models today in the image of their iconic covers, mostly 30 or so years after their releases of the previous ones.

More info on Ben Miller | Ryan Lowry (h/t: ufunk, playboy)

1. KIMBERLEY CONRAD HEFNER, Playmate of the Year 1989, January Playmate 1988.


2. MONIQUE ST. PIERRE, Playmate of the Year 1979, November Playmate 1978.

3. CHARLOTTE KEMP, December Playmate 1982.

4. CATHY ST. GEORGE, August Playmate 1982.