This Hysterical SNL Skit Just Nailed Your Relationship With Workout Leggings

WOW, at last, a Nike commercial that doesn’t make you feel like an underperforming baked potato! Granted, it’s an SNL skit, but the fact remains: 90% of us can relate to the use of Nike leggings as lounge-centric soft pants rather than elite athletic wear.

This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured a segment satirizing those hella “empowering” Nike ads with the 360 slo-mo bullet time camera effect, by offering an alternative we can all get down with : Pro-Chiller Leggings.


They technically can be used for running up mountains and CrossFit or whatever, but their true genius lies in their chilling capacity. Because, as Kate McKinnon said, “Let’s get real. Leggings can be pants, pajamas, and a napkin.”

The versatility of the Pro-Chiller Leggings is unmatched, keeping you soft and cozy “wherever you go: couch, bed, other side of couch.” Their strength is best seen when paired with blanket and laptop, birthing the beloved Couch Panini yoga pose.

YES IT’S A REAL POSE. As Aidy Bryant brilliantly noted, “There are no rules. Except for Vanderpump Rules.”