Twitter Is Obsessed With This Clip Of Gordon Ramsay Being Told His Cooking Is Awful

If you pay attention to reality TV cooking shows and social media, you’d know Gordon Ramsay takes absolutely no prisoners when it comes to the kitchen. Even on his kid’s show, Master Chef Junior, he makes contestants cry.

And, if you send him photos of your cooking and ask for his advice, just brace yourself, because he’ll probably drag you for the entire world to see. Plus, who can forget when he called someone an Idiot Sandwich?

Recently, a clip from his 2009 TV show “The F Word” has resurfaced because it gives Ramsay a taste of his own, bitter medicine. In the clip, Ramsay is cooking for Buddhist monks at a Thai temple in London. He tries to make Pad Thai, but, falls pretty damn short. The monks were not into it.

Could you imagine a better moment than Gordon Ramsay being told his cooking isn’t good? I can’t.

After Syndee shared the clip online, people were obsessed.

You can watch the full clip here: