11 Winter Olympics Bulges That Deserve A Gold Medal

The 2018 Winter Olympics have been upon us for almost a week and all I can think about is snow, snow, ice skating, and snow. While I’m usually more of a Summer Olympics kind of girl, there are a few things about the Winter Olympics that have me interested. Like, for example, the outfits. I thought I got hot and heavy over men in gray sweatpants (ladies, you know), but, I found out that there’s something even better in the world.

1. If the 2018 Winter Olympics has taught me anything in the world, it’s that I should tell my man to take up luge.

Kristers Aparjods of Latvia, Getty Images

2. In all honesty, there’s nothing quite like looking straight into the burning loins of ripped, skilled, and talented Olympic athletes.

Getty Images

3. At all camera angles, the sweet, satisfying, tight groin area is seen perfectly.

Getty Images

4. And, even with faces that look almost like their vinegar strokes, we can’t help but star deep into the eyes of their bulge.

Alex Ferlazzo of Australia, Getty Images

5. You can’t tell me that the brass knuckle of skilled, jacked, beautiful athletes don’t make your panties wet like the ice they slide down.

Giorgi Sogoiani of Georgia, Getty Images