88 Hilarious Times People Wore The Perfect T-Shirts At The Perfect Time

Timing is everything in life and I honestly do believe that. The perfect timing can lead to the perfect opportunities and this remains true for this list! There are sometimes when you and your friends wear the same shirt and you scream ‘twins!’ this is like that but on a whole different level.  These 88 pictures are of different times when someone had the perfect t-shirt for the perfect occasion! I don’t mean someone looking extra fresh for a special occasion I mean coincidences that are hilarious but also unbelievable! Some of these are just too insane to think they weren’t somehow set up. T-shirts can make a statement in your wardrobe but it will definitely be harder to make a funnier statement than these perfectly timed pictures and like I said timing really is everything!

1. The little guy just couldn’t help himself.

2. This had to be coordinated right?

3. It’s hard to have a better shirt on in the ER waiting room.