Adults Admit The Moment They Realized ‘Oh My God, My Parents Were Right All Along’

When you’re young, you never want to listen to your parents. Even though they’re way smarter than we are, more experienced than we are, and know 100x more than we do–we never want to tell them they’re right. As we get older and we grow up (our bodies aren’t 19 anymore), we start to realize the things they warned us about were actually important and true. As much as we hate to admit it, our parents are 9/10 times right about a lot of things they preached to us as kids. We turned to Reddit to see just when adults stopped to realize “holy sh*t, my parents were right this entire time,” and what caused them to realize.


Wish I had correct posture like they kept telling me to do. That shit catches up to you eventually.


When they warned me how easy it is to stay in a comfortable situation rather than the right one.

Wasted a lot of time because I was cozy with the routine, then I looked up and realize I had spent 3 years being comfortable.


“Wear your retainer.” Lost that damn thing a week after I got my braces off and was worried about getting in trouble with my parents, so I never said anything. Cut to 20 years later and I’m looking into Invisalign because my teeth have become noticeably crooked. That shit is like $4k.


You really shouldn’t spend money if it’s not in your bank account (credit cards).