4 Tips To Discovering What You Actually Like In The Bedroom

Figuring out what you love in bed can take forever. When I first started having sex, I was really disappointed because it genuinely wasn’t anything that great. Granted, when you have sex in high school or beginning of college it’s never great because men are selfish at that stage, but that’s another story.

The more experiences I had, the more they opened me up for a lot of new opportunities and hidden loves within the bedroom. It wasn’t until I started exploring my kinks that sex actually started to feel good. Well, that and finding the right partner.

But how do you discover what you like in the bedroom? Well, it’s not that difficult to discover once you start doing your research and then trying it out.

1. Do Some Research

Google any random thought you have about what you would like to try or what could provide pleasure and look into it. Some might prefer porn categories without watching any of the films just to get the terms, but once you find something that seems desirable to you, take the next step.

2. Read Erotica or Watch Porn

Some people do not agree with porn or erotica, but the point is that you can get a closer look into a fetish or activity that you wouldn’t mind trying. Erotica gets you to imagine it and often provides a softer representation while pornography visually shows you. That way you semi know what to expect. Either way, both options provide excellent tips!