7 Ways To Tell You’ve Finally Found That ‘Forever’ Kind Of Love

3. You have similar plans for your futures.

When you decide to get serious with someone, you want to make sure that you two have similar wants and desires for your life. For example, if you’re someone who knows they want to get married and have a family, but your partner is positive they don’t want to have kids–ever–it’s a huge dilemma. No matter how much you love someone, you don’t want to sacrifice what you need to best fit their needs. Sometimes, yes compromise is great for a relationship. Giving up timelines and pressures you put on yourself until your partner is ready is one thing, but giving up something you’ve dreamed about for years, since you were young, just because someone doesn’t want the same things is foolish. You may love someone with all of your heart, but you should never sacrifice exactly what you want just to satisfy them. It hurts, it’s painful, but you will find someone who you are madly in love with who wants the same things you do.

4. You feel fulfilled in every single aspect of your relationship.

Sometimes we fall in love with people who look ideal on paper. They’re stable, they have a great job, they want similar things–it feels like a home run. But, emotionally you could feel as though something is missing. There’s a feeling in the pit of your gut that says: there’s someone else out there who can give me all of this and more. My mother used to tell me when I was younger that someone can love you with every single sense of their soul and being, but, it may not be enough for you. You may need something more, a deeper emotional connection, someone with a higher sex-drive–anything. Whatever you feel is missing in your relationship–face it. Don’t hide from it. If you decide to make a life with someone you are unsatisfied with, that feeling will only manifest until you begin to resent that person, or worse, look for what you’re missing in your relationship outside of the relationship itself.