Sorry Guys, That ‘Friends’ Movie Trailer Going Around Facebook Is Fake

If you were to ask everyone what’s a TV show we wished they would bring back and give us an update on–many people would tell you it’s “Friends.” While the show left NBC so many years ago, everyone still binge-watches the six characters over and over again because, honestly, it’s one of the greatest shows of its time. And, while we all adore Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Pheobe, and Joey, we know that if “Friends” were on in 2018, it would be a completely different show entirely. Recently, many people have been saying that the show was getting a reboot in the form of a new mini-series, or even a movie. But, all of these reports have been nothing but rumors entirely. Last year, an ad was floating around Facebook that NBC was bringing back the show–and, NBC shut down those rumors rather quickly. Now, a video posing as a trailer for a “Friends” movie has been going around on Facebook and behind shared like wildfire.

The video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube, has been seen 5 million times. It was also posted to a Fake Will Farrel page (and since removed) and was viewed over 52 million times before being taken down. The trailer, however, looks pretty legitimate. Whoever created it named it “The One With the Reunion,” and had a few storylines that really do match up to some things that can be realistic for 10 years later. But, the person who created it used clips from several projects the cast has done since “Friends,” including Courtney Cox’s show “Cougar Town,” which guest starred Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston. Although any true “Friends” fan knows it was a bit of a trick, people online really did fall for it.