Mark Wahlberg Donates His $1.5 Million Paycheck To ‘Time’s Up’ Campaign In Michelle Williams’ Name

Last week, the Internet was in an uproar when the news broke that Mark Wahlberg made $1.5 million for doing “reshoots” of his latest film “All The Money In The World.” While making over a million dollars seems pretty normal for an actor or actress when it comes to movies, the real trouble came about when news broke that Michelle Williams, Wahlberg’s co-star, only made $1,000 for reshoots–and, the crew of the film made nothing at all.

In light of all of the sexual misconduct scandals that hit Hollywood this year, Kevin Spacey was replaced in the film after his sexual assault and misconduct allegations came to light and, with only six weeks until the movie’s release, he was replaced by actor Christopher Plummer.

In any film, when a major actor gets replaced, the other actors are required to reshoot all of their necessary scenes becasue–well, continuity people. Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, who both star in the film, were required to come back to set to reshoot all of the scenes they had appeared in with Spacey. Director Ridley Scott had told the actors that they wouldn’t be getting paid much for the reshoots, if at all. But, new reports indicate that Wahlberg got paid a lot of money–and by a lot, I mean a whopping $1.5 million for the reshoots. Michelle Williams on the other hand only made $1,000. The two are represented by the same agent.

Many people across social media were wildly unhappy with the idea that a male actor made so much money to do practically the same job as a female actress.

After numerous people spoke out against the idea that men should make over 99% more than their female costars, Mark Wahlberg decided to do something no one really saw coming.