Seal Bashes Oprah For Knowing About Harvey Weinstein’s Behavior, Chrissy Teigen Bashes Seal In Turn

“Hmm. Let’s just say we’ve all heard things about each other, haven’t we?” wrote Teigen, hinting at potential sexual misconduct on the part of Seal.

Seal isn’t the first to note Winfrey’s complicity in Weinstein’s behavior. Last year, British actress Kadian Noble claimed the producer had Winfrey and supermodel Naomi Campbell “swinging off his arm” to help to lure her to his hotel room in France where he assaulted her.

Although some agreed with Seal’s stance…

Others took him to task on Twitter, many pointing out how his ex-wife (Heidi Klum) also brushed elbows with Weinstein before:

Whether or not you believe Oprah knew about Weinstein’s behavior, can’t we all agree another celebrity billionaire as president might not be the right move for us as a country?