Contestants From ‘The Bachelor’ Are Already Selling Products on Instagram And We Can’t Roll Our Eyes Enough

The first episode of The Bachelor literally just started this week on ABC and you would not believe that some of the contestants on Arie’s season are already trying to sell products on their Instagram accounts. I mean, the show just started. What is the point of going on a show when all you are craving is the money and to get your name out there for people to know who you are? Looking for love? I think not. More like looking for fame and fortune. They are there for the wrong reasons, clearly. Now, I’m not rooting for any of these chicks to win that final rose. So which girls are trying to do so? Just keep on scrolling and you will see who we are talking about–they gotta go.

1. Maquel:

?I’ve teamed up with my favorite spa @spatrouve to give all my followers 20% off any of their products or services! ? that includes, skincare, fillers, Botox, cool sculpting, facials, laser hair removal, and sooo much more! Use code MAQUEL20 at checkout! ??

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Let’s start off with the youngest of them all, Miss 23-year-old Maquel. She is already trying to sell spa products to her followers on her Instagram by offering 20% off. First off, this offer is only available for Utah residents and not the whole country so you are already failing on that one, girl. I’m shocked she’s not trying to offer discounts on her photography since she’s a photographer. No one wants your spa products, chicky.

2. Krystal:

I took a vow to follow my heart and leave behind fear. This constant fear that unconsciously fills our minds with reasons we don't feel worthy of happiness, love, fulfillment, success or purpose. How silly but overwhelming those fears can be. I took away the false illusions of happiness called money, expectations and material objects and what was I left with? More time to call my family and friends, more energy to take my puppies Wayne and Chucky to the beach, and a stronger desire to dedicate to my own improvement through reading, meditating, and sometimes just relaxing with a glass of wine and puppy on my lap. My Life was good, comfortable and secure, but my heart was bounded and begging to be set free and open herself to the stars of unlimited possibilities. And so I did. Introducing the newest yoga movement and world's first YogiStick. @dhurvayoga ?❤️? Check the link in my bio for more info. ?❤️?☀️

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Now let me first just say Krystal is one of my favorites so far even though there has only been one episode aired (I guess I will see if that changes once I watch more episodes as the season progresses). But, I have to add her to this list since she too is another contest trying to sell something. Krystal is an Online Health and Fitness Coach so on her Instagram she announces the “Newest Yoga Movement” by having the first “Yogistick.” What the heck is that?! You can’t even find out what it is due to her posting the wrong sponsor in her Instagram post. OOPS. Maybe she will bring it up in this season so we can find out what it really is? I’d hope she doesn’t try to plug her products on the show. Get to stepping.

3. Marikh:

Well imagine that, both her and Maquel are trying to sell the exact same thing. 20% off at @spatrouve. Shocker. Not really because she and Maquel are BFF’s so why not post the same thing? If you know who Marikh is, she’s a restaurant owner with her mom. Clearly, she’s not hurting in the money department. But, it seems this spa company is looking at specific kind of women (ones who watch this show).