Did Khloé Kardashian Just Confirm Her Pregnancy In Her Instagram Comments?

So, everyone thinks/kinda knows Khloé Kardashian is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. But nobody really knows for sure, because Khloé— much like her younger half-sister Kylie— hasn’t confirmed it. That’s because the Kardashians are savvy businesswomen and you gotta stay on people’s tongues somehow, man.

Like, Khloe keeps dropping hints, but also has no baby bump? What’s happening?

Today Khloé shared some photos on Instagram that may provide our biggest clue yet. The Kardash shared the following two photos on her Instagram to promote her Good American clothing line.

Before long, Tristan– like a good boyfriend– popped up in the comments section under the pics:

…To which Khloé then replied…



Twasn’t long before people noticed the comment:

Although, some were quick to point out that ‘daddy’ is not necessarily a parent term, and also the fact that Khloé doesn’t actually look pregnant (although many of these photoshoots take place long before pics of them are posted).

Then there’s this person, who is really asking the important questions:

Finally, personally taking the time to call out @pablopappiiii. Ladies, if this ya mans, it’s time to get a divorce: